Biomaterials in Design

Extensive research and development in biomaterials by examining their behaviour, properties and potential to replace conventional materials in the field of design. As part of my thesis, this field was carefully investigated through medical, biological and scientific research papers as well as with noumerous hands-on experiments and tests. 
The inevitable future of design. Using green chemistry principles and local materials that are naturally abundant in the form of waste, their potential was examined and analysed in sustainable and circular product design.
This research was followed by multiple workshops and collaborations organized with different universities and studios in London, Brighton and Cyprus, where design students and proffessors participated, etiher by developing projects or being introduced to concepts like ‘Design from Waste, Circular Economy and Distributed Design’, with the objective of minimizing environmental and social impact through design.
Some materials were published in Biomaterial Libraries such as and others.

University of Brighton UK,    Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), MGA Makerspace,,    Other Today studio

Material Testing

Materials’ thermal and mechanical properties were tested and analysed over different timeframes in order to gather knowledge and insights on their behaviour and potential in product design.

Biomaterial Developments